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2 March 2008

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Many of us habitually like to take pictures of when we go for any event, tour or parties etc. Saving the pictures on to our PC and taking a look at them is not all what we do with them. We do editing and try to beautify the pictures. Won’t you like to place beautiful frames with the images to make them look more eye-catchy? Get the frames applied to your images easily with the help of the DropFrame 1.0.0. You can even configure and customize the frames for your pictures to prepare stunning desktop wallpaper or to prepare wall hangings and have different watermarks setups saved with the help of the program.

DropFrame 1.0.0 is capable of placing the frames on the images and makes them look stunning. Frames can be applied to the images in batch mode also by dragging and dropping the frame icon on the images folder. It’s easy to configure the frames according to your requirements. Load the images with the program and the right side panel shows the options for making the selection. Make the selection for the Frame and Matte. Select the Frame width by moving the pointer to increase or decrease it. Choose the features selection for the simple frame; choose the frame color and set the level of transparency. Selecting the Single Image Frame contains the choices provided for the type of frame. You can select the image to have the preview of the frame width, for viewing its appearance. Preview of the image with the frame is shown on the left side area of the program. You can have the changes done in the settings of the program to make it work as per the preferred settings.

DropFrame 1.0.0 supports applying frames and even supports rotation of the images in the interactive mode. The software has been given 4 rating points as you can have the frames configured according to your choices and requirements and applied to the images with much ease.

Publisher's description

Frame images easily
* Configure your Frame
* Mark entire folders at a time
You work hard to take great photography and should be rewarded for your efforts.

DropFrame is an application that allows you to Frame your images quickly and easily. You just configure your Frame and then can create new Framed images quickly. Your images will be ready to go on the internet and show off your talents.
DropFrame lets you give your digital work (photographs, art,...) that extra touch and let customers see your work just like it would look hanging on the wall. You can either use a computer generated frame or use a picture of a frame. If you use a picture of a frame you can decide if you want to have the frame picture scale to match the image or have the frame picture tiled to the picture (to keep its original proportions). Unregistered versions can save a default frame. Registered versions can save and load frame configurations.
Available for Windows and Macintosh.
The Registered version gives the following
* Save multiple watermark setups
* No Try window
* Excellent Support
Available for Windows and Macintosh.
Version 1.0
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